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Dr. Abhay Talwalkar [M.D.] and Dr. Manoti Talwalkar [M.D.] are into Homoeopathic practice since last 12 years.

Homeopathy is an invaluable science that has helped infinite number of people all over the globe not only in simple day-to-day disease conditions but also chronic and so-called incurable conditions.

Homoeopathy helps in the restoration of the health in the most rapid gentle and permanent manner.


Homoeopathy is popular as a mode of treatment, Patients often have lot of questions about the curability of their disease condition, scope of homoeopathy and long term benefits of the treatment.

This is an attempt to create awareness amongst the people.

You will find solutions to common Queries in FAQ section. If you have specific Query,
Please Send an email

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Customized Homoeopathy
kits available for personal use.
Mother and child remedy kits
Cost of the Kit – Rs 700/-