Cancer Care

Cancer An Holistic Perspective

Cancer is the most dreaded disease of modern times Not a day passes without the news about unwanted premature deaths due to cancer, at the same time we also hear about miracles in cancer cures. It is the connection between death and disease that makes cancer that much more frightening.
What is cancer?

In order to understand this , lets first understand who we are.

We are a collection of more than collection of more than 50 trillion cells all working in harmony, and governed by an energy called vital energy or prana in yogic terms.

Each cell has its own memory, its own defense mechanism and that a group of cells come together to perform a specific function and form organ , muscle’s and tissues.

Cells in adults normally have tightly controlled patterns of growth. They divide in a regulated manner and have definite lifespans and die. a natural death.(Apoptosis- falling of a brown leaf in Greek) this process happens in an orchestrated manner without a hitch under the influence of what scientists call the suicide gene.
If, for any reason, the suicide gene either fails to send the signal, or the messenger enzymes do not do their job well, the target cell might not receive the message at all. That cell could outlive its life span, but can not divide any further, since there is an upper limit for cell replication in every situation (Hayflick’s law).

The cell that escapes death at the right timemutates to change its DNA and ultimately this is the beginning of cancer. The rogue DNA of the cellcan replicate thousands of times to produce a mass of cells that could be felt as a lump (tumour) by the doctor.

The cancer can remain dormant for years on end, depending on the site of the lump.

How ever when it chooses to grow rapidly and/or to grow at distant sites in addition, causing local pressure symptoms, depending on the site and the function of the organ, the victim feels the symptoms due to the growth.

It is then that the patient comes to us but many times the diagnosis is tricky because we have no means of saying which cancer grows and at what pace. What we know for sure is that even if diaganosed early any cancer could be decades old biologically and could have its seedings in distant organs already.

What leads to the change in behavior of the cells?

There are many factors –

Genetic, environmental, food and lifestyle factors, are important triggers but stress, mental & emotional factors,depression play an important role. Research in Neuroendocrinology shows that our emotions produce certain molecules for example – good emotions like Joy, compassion, love , peace – produce molecules like oxytocin, serotonin etc while negative emotions like anger, guilt, shame, depression etc produce adrenalin and cortisol.

These molecules are immune modulators and can influence our biology. The Positive ones will have a positive effect while the negative ones will interfere with the healing process, raise the blood pressure,cause inflammation and feed cancer cells.

We are exposed to numerous situations daily which can trigger good and bad immune modulators to be released and our body is constantly trying to maintain the balance.

Further research tell us that the cells in our body are made of proteinparts and it is the movement of these protiens that determines our biology.

So in short what we think, what & how we eat, how we react to the situations, the choices we make everything is important for our wellness.

What is wellness?

Wellness is a way of life oriented towards optimal health….. A state where the mind body and spirit are in aligned with the universal energy and there is a beautiful word in Sanskrit which describes this state- Swasthya

  • This Sanskrit shloka describes it aptly - “Samadosha, samagnischa samadhatumalakriyaha prasannaatmenindriyamanaha swasthyaityabhidheeyate”

The Holistic Approach-

The whole is composed of parts… all of which parts combine together to make up the whole, which is greater than the sum of its parts – Dr Samuel Hahnemann- (Founder of Homoeopathy)

Dr Hahnemann also believed that our lives are governed by certain principles – and we find references of the same in our vedic literature.

  • That we are part of this universal energy (VasudevahKutumbhakam)
  • We are governed by a energy called vital force or prana. – The disturbance in this energy leads to dis-ease and an balance in this energy is wellness.
  • “As is the individual, so is the universe, as is the universe, so is the individual (Yathapindetathabrahmande, yathabrahmandetathapinde)
  • That everything in this universe is vibrating at a particular pattern which is unique to that substance
  • There is a rhythmic pattern in our day to day activities, the time we wake up, eat sleep etc.
  • The sun, the moon, the gravitational force all have an affect on our health.
  • That Dis-ease is an altered energy pattern
  • When you are diseased you cannot function normally so disease is a limitation.
  • In homoeopathy we identify the substance in nature with which our altered energy pattern is resonating and use it for healing.
  • Homeopathic pharmaceutical companies prepare homeopathic dilutions according to FDA guidelines. Once completed, the diluted substances are called “remedies”.
  • Most remedies are derived from plants,Minerals or Animals. ).
  • Remedy symptom pictures are derived from research studies called “provings”.
  • These provings are done on healthy humans hence are more authentic

The role of a professional homeopath is to understand the symptom pictures of a large number of remedies, and then to be able to select the remedy that most closely matches the symptom picture of the patient. (This is called the similimum.) When this match is achieved – that is, the symptom picture of the remedy matches the symptom picture of the individual suffering from a disease pattern – the individual’s innate healing ability is activated and healing occurs.

How can homoeopathy help in cancer?

  • Specific homoeopathic remedies like Nosodes can be used to enhance immunity and fight cancer.
  • Homoeopathic remedies can be used to support the weakened organs; and eleminate toxins
  • Homeopathic remedies can be very effective in aiding pain control.
  • In terminal stages of cancer homoeopathic remedies can be used to increase the quality of life.
  • The remedies can be used as palliatives to keep the patient mentally and emotionally alert so they can have quality time with loved ones.


We have enough evidence to show that just one modality of treatment is not effective in cancer, surgical removal, radiation, chemotherapy often cause more harm and suppress the immune system further. Today science has come a long way ensuring healthcare, drastic changes in lifestyle,food habits have taken their toll on us and causing the energy curcits in our body to become compramisedand weakned . Homoepathy helps to detox a person at a mental and emotional level, yoga helps to detox at a physical level and the right kind of nutrition provides the energy required for cell building. Both Homoepathy and yoga believe in Prana – the all pervasive energy that communicates with every cell of our body. So using the hormoneous synthesis of Homoeopathy, yoga and nutrition one can work towards ensuring – Swasthya