It is seen that many physicians & patients think that birth is a surgical solution to a nine-month disease?
Good medical care is important for the health of the mother and infant in high risk situations, but it has been noted physicians intervene too often in the birthing process, turning normal deliveries into medical emergencies.
Research has shown that drugs during labor and delivery can have short- as well as long-term effects on infants. & there is now increasing concern about the use of any drugs during pregnancy, fact that the fetus inevitably receives doses of these drugs which can disturb its development.
Though it is true and many Obstetricians contend that interventions are necessary for a safe birth.
And there is no doubt that certain medical interventions can reduce complications and be lifesaving at times. Problems however result with the overuse of conventional drugs and modern technology in normal or relatively normal childbirth.
I have used homoeopathic medicines during various stages of labor and found “In many ways the medicines facilitate the childbirth process for the woman and the physician. The medicines make it all go a lot more smoothly.
What are the benefits of Homoeopathic medicine?
  1. The correctly prescribed homeopathic remedy given in preparation of labor, prepare’s the cervix for labor by softening, thinning out, and dilating the cervix.
  2. The second observation is that the labor pattern of contractions tends to be more orderly and efficient in progressing the birth.
  3. Homoeopathic medicine will reduce the amount of pain and make it bearable, greatly lessening the need for analgesics and anesthesia."