Why does homoeopathy take a long time?
Most of the times the patient comes to us with long history of chronic illness. Therefore the treatment takes time. Homoeopathy is in fact has the capacity to act fast and the success of any treatment depends on the accuracy of symptoms, sensations given by the patient.

Do homoeopathic medicines have side effects?
Homoeopathic medicines are prepares by serial dilutions and contain no material substance in them in fact our medicines are a form of energy Hence, no side effects.

Can Homoeopathic and allopathic or ayurvedic medicines be taken together?
Homoeopatthy and Ayurveda are both holistic sciences both contain medicines prepared from substances found in nature, how ever the method of preparation are different in both, Homoeopathic medicine is a form of energy, while ayurvedic medicines contain more of the material form of the drug substance.We do not advocate the use of Ayurveda and homoeopathy together because , if you take two together, we don't know how to evaluate your progress. We will not come to know with which medicine has helped you.Allopathic medicines – though effective in emergencies, if taken for prolonged periods change the symptoms to such an extent that their original presentation of the symptom is lost, making it difficult to gather enough accurate information to prescribe the correct homoeopathic remedy. The symptoms are the indicators that a homoeopath uses to find his way to the right remedy. If you were to take conventional medication to treat symptoms after beginning homoeopathic treatment, you could stop the action of the remedy, rendering it ineffective. Most of the acute conditions can be handled well with homoeopathy but in some exceptional conditions, we do advice the patient to take allopathic treatment.

Can diabetic patients take the Homoeopathic medicines as they are sweet?
Though the homoeopathic medicines are dispensed in sugar of milk or globules the amount of sugar in them is very negligible to affect diabetics.

Does Homoeopathy help in acute disease?
The success of the treatment depends on the accuracy of the symptoms given by the patient and observed by the physician and in acute conditions the symptoms thrown out by the body are in the most intense form thus making it easier for a homoeopath to prescribe effectively in treatment of acute disease conditions.

Why do all the pills look the same?
The globules are used as a vehicle to dispense the medicine, they are made form sugar of milk hence they are white, adding color to the same will cause impurity hence they all look the same, but will contain different medicines.

Is Homoeopathic treatment safe during pregnancy?
Homoeopathic treatment is very safe during pregnancy in fact it can help remove the negative traits that can be passed on to the child.

Can homoeopathic medicines be taken as preventive?
Yes certain medicines can act as preventive during epidemics.

Can one use local applications with homoeopathic medicines?
Local ointments specially those containing steroid are strictly avoided as they cause suppression of the symptoms, how ever there are certain homeopathic medicines like calendula etc which have better healing powers in local injuries and can be used only after the consultation of the homeopathic physician.

Why is a detailed history of the patient required?
A homoeopathic physician needs to know honest and precise details of your complaints in order to accurately prescribe a remedy for you. Merely stating or writing that “ I have pain in the abdomen” or “ I am suffering from backache” is not enough; instead it is essential to give a detailed description of the symptom as; “ I have a griping pain in the abdomen, around the umbilicus that is worse from eating sweets and is better from bending forward. I also have nausea associated with it”. This kind of detailed description enables the physician to make a successful prescription.

What information do we need to tell u in the followup?
First and foremost, you need to tell us how you feel in your chief complaint and associated complaint. Here it is very important that while reporting a chief complaint, it is better you also mention the new problems or if you have suffered from the same problem in the past because they indicate that we need to change your medicine/potency. Do mention about your temperament, desires, sleep, dreams and appetite. In mental sphere, we need to know if anything had happened to upset you at home or at your work place, like any quarrel, or some bad news etc. All these symptoms when told in detail, help us to treat you better.

Is there any expiry for Homoeopathic medicines?
Homoeopathic remedies have no expiry date. It can be preserved for years, if well kept away from moisture and strong smelling substances.

Does homoeopathic medicine cause aggravation of the symptoms?
Rarely after the homoeopathic medicine is given there can be increase in your complaints. This can be due to the following reasons.Stopping of pain killers or ointment applications which you may have been taking for a long time,this has kept your symptoms suppressed for a long time and removal of that factor leads to , the complaints being experienced in its actual intensity. In that case, homoeopathic medicine will gradually bring the whole thing under control.
Another possibility is that after the homoeopathic treatment there is slight and short worsening followed by rapid relief. This initial worsening is often the reaction of our body before the cure occurs and is a very good sign.
Another reaction that may be noticed during the course of homoeopathic treatment is that your original problems will get better gradually and then some new symptoms may appear. These new problems may indicate that we need to change your medicine and give you something that will cover this new picture and thereby help you in achieving a holistic cure.

In what way can Homeopathy assist the chances of getting pregnant?
Homeopathy works by assisting the body to achieve balance on all levels, (mind, body and emotions.) It is therefore ideal as a pre-natal treatment to ensure optimum health and balance of the parents-to-be.
Whether it is pre-fertility health or post fertility health optimization, both partners can benefit from pre-conception homeopathic care. These treatments are highly individual and so each homeopathic treatment is completely tailored to the individual concerned.

Can homeopathic medicines be used for pre natal ailments such as tender breasts and morning sickness? What do you recommend for these common occurrences?
In pregnancy it is best to use medicines prepared from natural sources, it’s great to have a healthcare system that can treat pregnancy ailments such as tender breasts and morning sickness effectively with medicines prepared from natural sources.
Every case is different and though there are many specific medicines for these ailments depending on the particular symptoms of the individual, it is advised to take them after consulting your doctor.
For e.g. - Sometimes morning sickness can be worse when smelling food but feel better after eating and this person would get a different homeopathic medicine from the pregnant mother who had nausea all day.

Cravings can sometimes be an issue for pregnant women. Can Homeopathy be used to control this?
Yes. Homeopathy can be used to treat the cravings experienced in pregnancy especially the more unusual one’s Manytimes these cravings are due to complex biomedical changes that take place in the pregnant mother’s body.
Homeopathy can provide some advice and medicines to enable the cravings to be managed or eliminated.

How can we integrate homeopathy in the process of childbirth?
Homeopathy is such an empowering medicine, and can provide rapid change during childbirth that just might prevent complications from arising. It can be a wonderful tool so you feel some control of what happens.
Homoeopathy can help the women to cope up with the physical and emotional challenges that arise during labour.

Can you give some examples when homeopathy has assisted the process of labour?
Prolonged labour, dilatation problems, backache during labour all these situations can be either improved or alleviated by a well prescribed homeopathic medicine and best of all, it can promote a fast and speedy recovery.
I also prescribe regularly for post C-section recovery as homeopathy is a wonderful post operative medicine and will assist in a faster recovery and less pain. It can also be highly effective for helping mothers overcome traumatic births or births where they feel let-down or ‘cheated’ because it didn’t go quite as they planned it.

Does mental attitude of the pregnant women play a role in labour?
It is very important to remember that labour is a natural process and the experience that each women will have will be different, so it is important not to get hung up on negative stories that people love to tell you!
Always keep a positive attitude, and you will surely sail through labor safely, however it’s a good idea to have a plan A and a plan B so that if unanticipated events arise, you are not left feeling that your birth was not quite as you planned it. Flexibility is key and it often helps mothers – to be with their birth plans.

How can we plan ahead to have the homeopathic medicines available during labour and what are the most common medicines and what do you recommend?
It is advised that you register for our pregnancy program where you will be given detailed advice on when and how to approach the doctor for the medicine, or you can buy the birth kit which has information about the use of these remedies during labor.

What do you recommend in terms of Dosage? Are there any specific guidelines to follow?
Homoeopathic medicines are available in a wide range of potencies, generally I find that 200 potency works best during labor hence I have used the same potency in the kit.
The dose – the simple rule is to take the dose when the symptoms are present and repeat it when they return again.
If there is no reaction to your dose after two doses, then you have not taken the right medicine.

What can be used for emotional situations during labour such as feelings of anger and panic?
During labour it is natural for the mother to go through different emotional states and each time this happens it is a natural part of the birthing process. IF however the mother does not transition through one of these extreme states and gets 'stuck', this can hold up the progress of the labour and an appropriate homeopathic medicine can be very effective. Some common emotional states are: Angry, irritable or Panicky, restless and very fearful (even having the irrational fear that she or her baby will die) remedies like chamomilla or Aconite 200 can be of immense help.

Many times the father to be can get very emotional and stressed up seeing the women suffer do you recommend any medication for them?
Absolutely. As a partner if you think you will experience an emotional state , it is better to consult the doctor before hand or during the process itself so that he can advise you a suitable remedy from the kit. Likely to experience certain emotions, we can plan ahead for that too!

What do you recommend as a general post natal medicine?
Immediately after birth you may experience the most amazing emotions such as elated, relieved and overwhelmed etc. These are all natural and normal emotions and it is also normal to feel very sore and bruised. To help considerably with the process of recovery, I recommend Arnica 1M one dose only, as soon as you can after birth.
In case of C- section take Arnica 1M I dose daily for 3 days - as it helps markedly to reduce inflammation and pain.
Episiotomy and tearing – calendula is a universal healer for such conditions
Add few drops of calendula mother tincture to a bowl of warm water and bath your tears/stitches daily in this way. Calendula has impressive healing properties and can speed up the whole healing process markedly.

Is it safe for children to use Homeopathy? Can babies take Homeopathic medicines?
Yes. Homeopathy is one of the few medicines that is safe for newborn babies and children, in fact, they are very responsive to homeopathic medicine. Sticky eyes, skin rashes, colic and constipation are just some of the newborn ailments that are regularly treated with homeopathy.