Women Health

Someone has rightly said that It is hard to be a women

Because ….You must think like a man……..Act like a lady……..Look like a girl…..And …..Work like a horse today women are expected to share the responsibility of breadwinning this puts additional stress on a women and as a consequence she faces unique health challenges.

If we look at the various stages in a women’s life there are three major transitions that she has to go through and each has an huge impact on her psychology & physiology.

The three main stages are puberty, middle age and menopause, the issues at each stage are different but hormones play an important role throughout her life.

At puberty or menarche hormones are responsible for the onset of menstruation, these days it is seen that the age of Menarche( the age at which she gets menses) is getting proponed and we are having girls as young as 10 year old coming for various problems regarding menstruation.

Getting her first period is a physical milestone and a sign of becoming a woman. But it also can be confusing and scary, particularly if she has certain problems, like

Irregular periods

Painful menses



  • A significant problem at this age could be Poly cystic ovarian disease, this is a complex disorder and a combination of small cysts in the ovaries, increase in male hormones, as a result a women can have abnormal or excessive facial hair, darkening of skin, hair loss and menstrual irregularities.In the recent years P.c.o.s or P.c.o.d is on the rise mainly because
  • The working pattern of women has changed
  • Her food habits have changed
  • She is losing her alignment with nature and there is a change in her biological rhythm
  • She hardly finds time to exercise
  • and to make matters worse uses hormonal pills rampantly over the counter.

This disorder requires an holistic approach and Homoeopathy is a safe alternative and if used along with proper diet and exercise homeopathy can be very effective.

Another problem that girls face at this age is painful menses one must be aware about the different types of pain that she can get for example cramps- Most women get cramps — Menstrual cramps tend to start shortly before or at the start of a woman’s period, generally lasting one to three days. Cramping is the natural result of contractions in the uterus, which help slough off and force out the uterus’ lining. If the uterus contracts too intensely, it can push against blood vessels, killing the supply of oxygen to the muscle tissue of the uterus and causing abdominal cramping. “Young women who have just started to have periods may be more sensitive to cramps, partially because their uteruses are smaller than older women who may have been pregnant before.

If the pain is really very intense , to the extent that one faints during such an episode then the cause should be investigated as the pain could be due to conditions like endometriosis,fibroids or ovarian cysts. Normally such conditions are treated with antispasmodics or analgesics there effects are however temporary in homoeopathy we note the exact modalities and prescribe the individual remedy for example a women who has crampy pain and feel better with hot fomentation will do well on the remedy mag phos.

Problems with fertility seem to be becoming more common. Inability to become pregnant, recurrent miscarriage and babies born very prematurely all occur frequently nowadays.

Some scientist attribute this to the deficiency or absence of vital minerals and trace elements like selenium, iodine and zinc, in the food we eat , some say it is because of the increased stress levels, the changed lifestyle,

whatever the cause, homeopathy seems to be able to help women conceive and have healthy babies. For me it is a very rewarding part of my practice.

In the adult phase of womanhood she may have to face fertility issues

Todays Women face unique health challenges. Their bodies are regulated by rhythmical monthly cycles, which occur with computerised regularity — naturally. It’s, however, not uncommon for subtle deviations of hormones, stress, environmental and dietary factors to upset this rhythmical balance. It’s here that natural homeopathic remedies help restore balance, safely and gently.

Homeopathy understands women’s health issues with a women’s perspective — not because it’s mind/body medicine, but because it understands their delicate emotions as gently. Women, perhaps, have a far better emotional quotient than men, though most men wouldn’t agree with it. Homeopathy identifies this element too and incorporates its use in selecting the right medicine for a given illness.

Homeopathy also aims to treat women’s complaints not just in terms of hormones, but by way of a holistic approach that sets right the body’s imbalances from the inside-out. Homeopathic medicines don’t suppress illnesses, or disorders; they also don’t curb emotional issues, but address them for long-term, effective results.

For instance, painful menstruation is a common complaint in women. This includes a dull pain in the lower back, along with abdominal cramps. Homeopathy looks into the possible emotional causes of painful periods, aside from probable “offenders” like pelvic infections, endometriosis (formation of cysts), fibroids, intrauterine devices, or discontinuation of the contraceptive pill.

Homeopathy has more than a handful of medicines for painful periods. It takes into consideration not just the disorder, but also the characteristic presentation of symptoms in each woman — no two women present the same unique symptoms of an ailment, except its name. They are given two different remedies that suit their temperament and individuality. This is, of course, best done in an office consultation with a professional homeopathic physician.

Belladonna, for example, is useful for painful periods, accompanied by headache, or migraine, and extreme fatigue. Chamomilla is effective in menstrual pain presenting with a bad temper, or annoyance. Cimicifuga Racemosa is useful in shooting, cramping pains running across the pelvis and into the thighs. It is most useful in women who have mood swings — from happiness to gloom. Pulsatilla is a handy remedy in painful periods, accompanied by abdominal cramps, irritability, crying spells, and indifference for normal day-to-day activities.