Three Important reasons why you don’t lose weight

Three Important reasons why you don’t lose weight


We see lot of men and women trying to lose weight and in the process going on crash diet programs, very heavy exercise schedules  but in spite of this they do not lose weight  or lose some kilos in the beginning and then stop losing weight.

They reach what is called a weight plateau  and nothing seems to help

Why does this really happen ?

Most of us  do not eat  mindfully, either we eat too much or we eat too little  and when we are trying to lose weight we go into a phase where we eat with guilt.


  1. Eating with guilt


How often have you felt guilty about eating that ice-cream or Piece of cake or burfi?

The food that we eat carries memories and carries emotions , and that is why in the Indian system there is so much of emphasis on the way food is cooked and served etc.

Now if you eat something feeling bad or guilty about it the food is going to behave in the same manner in your body  so a golden rule to remember is to eat in moderation  and eat mindfully.

If on a given day you have not been able to workout well then don’t eat more, on the other hand if you are able to do a good work out then remember not to starve, after all the body needs food for growth and repair.


  1. Eating when you are stressed


Don’t eat when you are stressed out, (so avoid the business meetings over lunch or dinner.)

Because stress causes release of cortisol and cortisol stimulates your nervous system either to fight or flight or to feed an breed but the nervous system  cannot do both at the same time  so don’t eat when you are stressed out because more cortisol means more weight .


  1. Eating peacefully is important


Having food is an very important part of your daily routine, and you need to give your self that time. So eat peacefully, preferably sit down, fold your legs and eat. Before eating don’ t forget to express gratitude towards the food that has come to your plate, there is a lot of hard work and the energy of many people involved in the same.


Now lets see how stress and cortisol can prevent weight loss


When we are stressed cortisol is released in the body by the adrenal glands , some amount of cortisol is good for us and is required to respond  in acute situations  but if we are in stress chronically and adrenals are not able to supply enough cortisol , then the progesterone starts getting converted to cortisol, as a result you will have lower progesterone levels.


Lower progesterone levels will lead to higher oestrogen levels( oestrogen and progesterone are the two main female hormones responsible for a regular menstrual cycle.)

When you have high oestrogen levels it is very difficult to lose weight, specially women will tend to have more fat around their buttocks,abdomen and  breasts  and the other  problem is that fat cells also produce oestrogen  so.. You will keep on accumulating oestrogen in your body and further this oestrogen will hamper the thyroxin secretion and effect your thyroid so you will have hypothyroidism .


All in all you are entering a viscous cycle


So change your mind set, eat mindfully exercise regularly  say no to sugar  and  take adequate rest  this is the key to weight loss



Dr Abhay Talwalkar


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