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Welcome to the world of wellness and healing, where the journey to optimal health and vitality begins. In this fast-paced modern life, the importance of holistic well-being cannot be overstated. As a homoeopathic doctor and holistic healthcare practitioner, I have been able to employ the power of natural remedies and the body’s innate ability to heal itself, successfully on a regular basis.

Here, we’ll explore the realms of physical, mental, and emotional wellness, delving into practices and principles that promote a harmonious balance in all aspects of your life. Whether you’re seeking natural remedies, mindfulness techniques, or simply looking for inspiration to lead a healthier life, you’ve come to the right place.

Join us on this transformative path towards wellness and healing, and let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-care together. Your well-being is our top priority, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

A unique integrative approach to women's health

This program spread over three months is a unique approach that integrates Homoeopathy, Yoga, Nutrition, Accupuncture & Osteopathy to help you restore your hormonal balance and restart your recovery from PCOS & Infertility.

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Through this website we want to create awareness, one can refer to the individual conditions and make changes as suggested.

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What People Say


I used to have gallstone attack every 12 days..its started on dec 2018…january itself i had 3 to 4 attacks…so did an usg and got confirmed it was due to gallstone..surgeon suggested for gallbladder removal as the pain was unbearable and had to take painkiller as the duration of pain lasted for 5 to 6hrs..didnt want to opt for removal without giving a try to homeopathy..so came in contact with dr talwalkar ..and i was adviced to do liver cleanse which i completed it with ease and was on homeopills since February 2019..after 5days of homeopills just got one attack till date…and my digestion even was not good..but after being on homeopills i was relieved of the attack till date and my digestion is improved…thrice a week i go for IF…according to my convenience i go for raw diet till afternoon..avoided non veg..bakery products..refined sugar..

Patient with gallstone

I recollect the tough phase my daughter went through, at a mere age of 15. She had severe Learning Difficulties and coping academically was never easy for her nor for us. Inspite of a lot of support from her school and also from the home front, things were not going the right way.

She suffered from huge anxiety issues, inferiority complex and low self esteem. Her sleep was very disturbed and she would wake up several times in the night crying. The most disturbing part was the OCD that made her life very difficult. There was a time when she would wash her hands 60 to 80 times a day and would still be restless and irritable that her hands were unclean. She was engulfed by depression and it was absolutely heart wrenching to see her in this condition.

That’s the time when I read about Dr Talwalkar on Luke’s FB Sangha and we decided to consult him. My daughter was such an introvert that she would never talk about her feelings to anyone. But Dr Talwalkar worked really hard to make her comfortable during all his sessions with her. This was a start of a positive journey. His medicines worked like magic and within a month’s time itself, we saw a tremendous change in her. Her OCD reduced drastically and she started sleeping through the night. This milestone itself was a big relief to us as a family. The progress continued and there was no looking back since then. Within 6 months time, she appeared for her boards. There was a time, when even her passing was doubtful, but because of Dr Talwalkar’s medicines and his counselling, she excelled in her exams.

She has now blossomed into a sweet, confident child who is prepared to face the world with a positive attitude. Our sincere heartfelt gratitude to Dr Talwalkar for the miraculous transformation in her.

OCD child

I was struggling with secondary infertility and had met many doctors for the same, investigations showed that the tubes were partially blocked and doctors told me that this was the issue that I was facing, I was taking my daughter for asthma treatment to Dr Talwalkar so I happens to ask him if he could help and after a complete history (which took about an hour) he suggested that I follow certain life style changes and homoeopathy and it would help.
We began with giving up bakery, refined sugar and non veg food. Dr Abhay gave me some homoeopathic medicine to strengthen the uterus and clear the blockage. We also added yoga, which I did under the guidance of a teacher. In the second month Dr Talwalkar added specific medicines for conception I followed this regimen for 4 months and then I missed my periods, the urine test revealed that I was pregnant, I was so happy, I continued the regular care with a gynaecologist and under the supervision of Dr Talwalkar for 9 months and delivered a baby boy on 10th of jan 2019.
I am thankful to homoeopathy and lifestyle changes. I could achieve this dream- Mrs YK – Maharashtra

Mrs YK

Hi doc, This is Mrs, PKS.  For the first time  in the past  7  years been able to sleep without the apnea machine, the magic pills work so well.


This husband and wife came to me as they were wanting to concieve, the wife had PCOD and the husband had premature ejaculations. They had been trying since 2015  with no success.

Mrs. KS was already taking metformin for her PCOD problem but still had issues of irregular periods, she was a very emotional lady and in the initial stages had a lot of problems with the mother-in-law. She would weep at the drop of a hat, she was not able to express her feelings. On the other hand, the husband had his psychological issues as well because of which he had premature ejaculations.

Here we did a full case study of both and prescribed homoeopathic medicine considering the emotional and the physical aspects. 6 months of homoeopathic treatment nutritional guidance, resolved their issues, Mrs. KS became more confident and she conceived  currently she is in to 4 months of her Pregnancy and enjoying the same.

Case of KS and AS

Words fall short to thank you for being rock solid support to me for over 2 years now including listening to me patiently everytime I broke down and reassuring me of good health and calm mind. In this busy world, it is a great virtue that you listen patiently and emphatically support, very few people do it. I hope I can return the help in someway – with gratitude,
-Mrs R.K Pune

Mrs R.K

This is a feed back from one of the mountain climbers who took homoeopathy during his recent mission –
Dear Dr Talwalkar, Vivek Shivade here. Just wanted to tell you that I regularly used those homoeopathic medicine you had provided me for Kangchenjunga expedition. Some of my team members too knew about it and they too had taken it. I forgot to thank you after the expedition. So doing it now.

I would surely like to carry it again when I’ll go for Everest.

Vivek Shivade

My experience with homoeopathy was really good. Previous doctors had prescribed me birth control pills which was causing a lot of mood swings and disturbing my periods even more. There were no such issues with the homoeopathy medicines and they were effective in regularising my periods, thank you Dr Talwalkar for this wonderful change, it was surely due to homoeopathy.
Warm regards – PS


Hi doc this is SB. I had been struggling and trying to conceive for the past couple of years, your homoeopathic medication helped in regularising my periods and I have been taking homoeopathic medicine sent by you and doing the yoga advised and I am happy to inform you that this month I missed my periods and I am pregnant, thank you so much, I cannot explain how happy I am looking forward for your support throughout the pregnancy.


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