Emotional Health

In the recent years science has begun to recognize the powerful connection through which emotional, spiritual and behavioural  factors  can directly  impact our health.

We now know for sure how emotional disturbances can cause hormonal imbalance and ill health.

Your mental and emotional baggage is primarily responsible for creating the discrepancy between what it is that you say you want and what you are actually experiencing on a daily basis.

It is  the dominant driver behind your choices and behaviors, and can be the number one thing that derails you in your day-to-day life.

 At times  many of us experience that nothing is going our way and we blast at our children or partners.

There have been times when work has piled up and the pressure of deadlines made you feel sick so you either quit the job or  exploded all together.

 These are few examples of how your emotional baggage can derail you in everyday situations.

Your emotions—or feelings—are an integral aspect of who you are—good, bad, and everything in between and we are rarely taught how to navigate emotional upset in a productive and compassionate way. 

 When you learn to accept your emotions, to lean into them, and be present with them in a healthy way, you can learn from them and begin to use them as a means of growing and evolving into a better person.

This program is all about how to use your emotions to heal your self, this can be achieved through  emotional counselling & Homoeopathy

 In the past when we lived in joint families  it was possible to vent out our emotions  with some one who  would have the time to listen to us and guide us, how ever our lifestyles have changed drastically now and social situations, singular families  etc  make it difficult for us to find a right person who  will listen to us in a unbiased  manner, hence there is a growing need for counselling,…… the need  to speak to someone who will listen to us.

 In this program  our  experienced counsellors can help you  find ways to deal with emotional issues, they can help you cope with a mental health condition, such as depression,anxiety,or and eating disorder,an upsetting physical health condition, such as infertility,a difficult life event, such as a  bereavement, a relationship breakdown or work-related stress.

The emotional wellness and Homoeopathy connection.

Homeopathy gives great importance to emotional health both in the treatment of physical and mental illnesses.

Homeopathic remedies do not profoundly change the personality of the individual but  Homeopathic remedies help to restore balance within the personality.

For example, a chronic worrier can become an occasional worrier, a highly critical and judgmental person can become more tolerant, and a person with a poor self-image can gain more self-confidence.  Homoeopathic medicines are proven on healthy human subjects  and hence we have vast literature on the physical and emotional  effects  that our medicines can address.

Counselling, meditative techniques,yoga and nutrition  can  not only help you to detox but  help a long way in aligning you with the universal energy and discover your higher purpose of existence.

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