Arthritis and Joint problems

Arthritis and joint problems are increasing day by day.


While it can cause lot of pain and swelling, if not treated well, arthritis can lead to limitation in movement anddeformities ….

So lets try and understand how we can take care of our joints in a natural and effective way.


Arthritis is very common condition but is not well understood.

There are many types of arthritis, and people of allages and sexes are equally affected.

Arthritis is a leading cause of disability.

Arthritis is mainlyan inflammatory condition of the joints.

Another condition that is usually associated with arthritis is rheumatism, this is a  disease of the soft connective tissues which support and move the joints.

Since both these conditions are often seen together,and involve the movement of the joints, it is often difficult to make a distinction.


Types of arthritis –

Inflammatory Arthritis – an inflammatory process, that is recurrent and chronic.

Infectious Arthritis- some infectious agent (bacteria or virus) adds on to the already on going process.

Metabolic Arthritis- uric acid metabolism is affected leading to excessive accumulation of uric acid

While there are many manifestations of these conditions it is important to know that basically there is  an inflammatory process involved  that leads to wear and tear and degeneration of  the joints, and the cartilages because of which one can experiencepain,stiffness and reduced mobility.

Over a period of time the degenerative changes, may progress or small outgrowths may develop at the joint sites.


Geneticpredisposition and stressare often  said to be responsible but factors that contribute to this inflammatory process,  are mainly overuse or misuse  of joints, not taking enough rest, faulty exercise techniques, total lack of exercise,  malnutrition and being overweight.


Prevention –

Regular exercise – supervised regular exercise will help in improving mobility and strengthening the joints. A supervised schedule is required so that you don’t over use or hurt your joints.

Nutrition- A wholesome diet  that is rich in calcium, vitamins and essential fatty acids is required to prevent malnourishment.

Supplements- regular use of omega 3 and vitamin d  through diet or as an additional supplement will help nourish the joints.


In treating arthritis, the conventional approach is to give anti-inflammatory medicines and steroids, however long term use of chemically derived anti- inflammatory drugs and steroids have adverse effects.  Using homoeopathic medicine is a safer  and effective approach.


Homoeopathic approach

Like other disease a homoeopath will treat the person as a whole and look at  the exact problem.

He will enquire in to how the problem started?the duration of the problem and the limitation that it causes to the person.

The homoeopath will find out what makes the condition better or worse? How is the person affected by changes in the weather?does the patient feel better by bandaging? Or applying heat?

The homoeopathic doctor will then move on and enquire about any stressful physical or emotional event in the persons life that may have triggered the condition

He will integrate all this information and come to a conclusion as to which homoeopathic medicine suits  this person the best.

In this approach as both the physical, and emotional problems are considered together  the chances of complete reversal are much higher.


As the homoeopathic medicines are prepared from naturally occurring plant or mineral extracts there are no chances of adverse reactions.

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