``Breaking Free: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs for a Brighter Tomorrow``

what’s is holding  you back from being successful.

 We  have infinite potential but  many times  our life doesn’t reflect that.

 Do you know why this is happening?

Most of the  times it is because of your deeply ingrained unconscious beliefs that are influencing the results.

In this article we will find out how our beliefs are important an how  certain beliefs prevent us from reaching our potential.

When you have a deep belief about something, it can consciously or unconsciously affect your actions  or non actions about your belief and this can hold you back from success or make you diseased .

So let us look at some common limiting beliefs and what one can do about them.

1.  I’m Not Good Enough-  you hear this so often,  I am not skilled enough , I am not deserving enough , I am not talented enough ( are the various versions of this belief)  this belief can lead to anxiety, and procrastination and prevent you from achieving success

Learn to believe that you are worthy of all the dreams and desires

  •   “Once you know who you really are, just  being is enough. You feel neither superior to anyone nor inferior to anyone and you have no need for approval because you’ve awakened to your own infinite worth.”

2 . I don’t have time -Sounds familiar?

You will always  see people giving this excuse, I don’t have time for exercise, or if I take time off and/or if I   do something else then is will fall behind , I must react right away or I will  lose  the edge.

So essentially what you are doing is putting off  things that you must do  to another time.

Remember there is no one else who can do these things for you, and if not done it will eventually damage your health or hinder your success.

 to over come this  limiting belief  do the following –

Start by tracking where you spend your time. This will help you to better prioritize and schedule your activities accordingly.

Begin each day with a plan for what you want to accomplish personally and professionally and schedule in non-negotiable time for self-care.

say to your self  everyone has the same amount of time in a day  and I allow  infinite intelligence to work when I am connected to the present moment.

Remember the most important time of your life is right now, if you can change your relationship with time you can change your life.

3.The belief that  – I am not unique .

When working in the industry you may believe that you don’t have anything different to offer than others who have the same credentials  and you don’t stand out.

This belief can kill your confidence and your ability to believe in your unique gifts and excel.

You must remember that each one of us is unique and different from any other person on the earth, the way you experience or process things is different from the other person an you have the ability to make a difference to the society like on one else can.

 So start  believing that  there is no one else who has my exact experience and knowledge and who can serve in the way that only I can.

 So make a list of your interests, skills, passions, knowledge  and experience  read this list each day and decide one thing that you can do that day that uses a facet of your slef that will  help someone you know.

    4. I am not sure of what I want. – Another belief that many youngsters have these days is  that they are not sure of what they want to become in life. Staying confused , not taking responsibility will take you away from your success.

So create a clear vision  for yourself and reflect on it daily .

5 My knowledge and skills are outdated  – In this fast paced world change is inevitable and its quiet likely that with change you will start believing that your knowledge and skills are getting absolute and you may start feeling that the time you have invested is getting wasted.

The key, however, is to be enthusiastic about the potential these changes have to make things better for you and the world at large. Staying engaged, eager, and enthusiastic about new possibilities and change allows you to apply your knowledge and skills in unique ways that people without that prior experience would not be able to see.

So remember that change allows you to evolve in positive ways, it brings opportunities that you would never have had otherwise.

So subscribe to the blogs , newsletters attend seminars and workshops of leaders in your industry and be on the look out daily for changes and reflect on how you can stay ahead through training or new experiences.

6 I am not leading a perfect life – sometimes we feel that everyone else has figured it our except you, looking at peoples lifestyle on social media or television  you may start believing that  they lead  and ideal lifestyle,life is working for them perfectly and something is wrong with you.

Focusing on other peoples lifestyle and comparing them with your own experiences( specially when you are confused  will confuse you further.

The moment you start looking outward and comparing your self with others, you will lose the connection with yourself.

The more you focus  on your own experiences the more connected you will be to your true path.

7 I can do everything on my own- I remember talking to this teenager who came to my office with her mother for difficulties at the new course she had taken.

The mother said she refuses to take any help and says I can do it on my own  but  gets stressed out later.

The girl was very reserved but when I asked he she replied that she feels ashamed to ask for help as she has a fear that she will be let down or rejected.

Remember it is  safe to ask for help. In asking for help, practice the law of giving and receiving by asking for help, guidance, or asking for simple presence On the other days practice giving your own time, kindness, or presence to those around you.

And remember you cant do everything by yourself and your best teams are your friends or siblings.

8 I am not ready for it now – One of the biggest barriers to success is believing you are not ready right now— you hear people saying  once I have lost a bit I weight or once I feel a little better, once I get a better house  then I will take action towards my goal .

The time to start focusing on your goal is right now, you can create whatever you want if you take charge of yourself now,the key is to be consciously aware of the beliefs you are creating,

If your beliefs don’t empower you, change them Don’t let your limiting beliefs stop you from creating your future  believe in the fact that you yourself are responsible for your experiences and you have infinite potential.

Dr Abhay Talwalkar –

  M.D( Hom)

Consultant women’s health