Fertility Affirmations for women

Affirmations are important. In training your subconscious mind  In fact, the way you speak to yourself is CRUCIAL.

It literally defines you. You become your words.

 Every day in the morning stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes

Breath normally

Looking in to your eyes in the mirror as say to your self

      1. My body is perfectly designed for conception, and I trust its ability to create life.
      2. I am open and receptive to the miracle of pregnancy unfolding within me.
      3. Each day, I am becoming more fertile and ready to welcome a new life into this world.
      4. I trust in the divine timing of my fertility journey, knowing that everything is happening exactly as it should.
      5. I release all fears and doubts about my ability to conceive, replacing them with love and confidence.
      6. My womb is a sacred space, nurturing and welcoming the growth of new life.
      7. I honor my body’s natural rhythms and support its fertility with healthy choices and self-care.
      8. With each breath, I invite peace and relaxation into my being, creating an optimal environment for conception.
      9. I am surrounded by love and support as I journey towards motherhood, knowing that I am never alone.
      10. I radiate positivity and joy, attracting abundance and fertility into my life effortlessly.