Navigating Perimenopause with Confidence and Grace

Perimenopause is the phase before the final menstrual period during which the body undergoes many physical changes.

Hormone changes, life stresses, sleep problems, worries about body image, infertility, and aging are all factors linked to menopause that can contribute to mood swings, stress, anxiety, and a decreased sense of well-being in women. Many women just fail to recognise this as pre manopause and  can end up taking medication  for depression and Anxiety  leading to  more side effects, what one needs to understand is that anxiety is pretty common during this time and there are lot of factors responsible for the same, one of them is  children, as children have grown up and have become self sufficient and many times moved out for education, husband gets more occupied in his work so it is natural for the women to feel and emptiness and anxiety, to add to all this the hormones are playing their part, the fluctuating levels of hormones

The fluctuating hormones  disturb the neurotransmitters and this will further lead to drop in the levels of serotonin and Melatonin  there by causeing sleep disturbances , anxiety palpitations and variety of symptoms.

 Anxiety and menopause

Changes to the body alongside concerns about growing older may contribute to heightened anxiety. In some women the fact that they will not be fertile any more can also lead to depression while other women may feel relieved to no longer fear pregnancy.

Some women may feel sad or troubled during menopause, because of the changes to the body that occur, such as the loss of fertility. Other women may feel relieved to no longer fear pregnancy.


Many women choose HRT  in an attempt  to  over come these symptoms  how ever it comes with its own disadvantages.

Many times women are prescribed antidepressents or seritonin inhibitors  but half of the women who take these experience reduced libido and difficulty in maintaining arousal or achieving  orgasm.

The best choice is Lifestyle modification and homoeopathy.

A healthful lifestyle, which includes balanced nutrition,regular exercise,and an appropriate homoeopathic remedy may significantly reduce anxiety.

 Women who are going through perimenopause should pick their favorite form of exercise and try to make it part of a daily routine. Whether it is walking, running, swimming, or yoga  regular exercise can help to burn off nervous energy and improve symptoms of anxiety.

Most important is that one  should avoid caffine ,alcohol or smoking as they are known to worsen  anxiety ,depression and cause hormonal imbalance


homoeopathy can be of great help as  there are  very effective homoeopathic remedies that can be used to manage depression, anxiety and the varied symptoms of menopause.

As homoeopathic remedies are produced from naturally occurring substances, they have practically no side effects.

Dr Abhay Talwalkar –

  M.D( Hom)

Consultant women’s health