Holistic Healing : Re-Align and Restore

Case of KS and AS

This husband and wife came to me as they were wanting to concieve, the wife had PCOD and the husband had premature ejaculations. They had been trying since 2015  with no success.

Mrs. KS was already taking metformin for her PCOD problem but still had issues of irregular periods, she was a very emotional lady and in the initial stages had a lot of problems with the mother-in-law. She would weep at the drop of a hat, she was not able to express her feelings. On the other hand, the husband had his psychological issues as well because of which he had premature ejaculations.

Here we did a full case study of both and prescribed homoeopathic medicine considering the emotional and the physical aspects. 6 months of homoeopathic treatment nutritional guidance, resolved their issues, Mrs. KS became more confident and she conceived  currently she is in to 4 months of her Pregnancy and enjoying the same.