Holistic Healing : Re-Align and Restore

Patient with gallstone

I used to have gallstone attack every 12 days..its started on dec 2018…january itself i had 3 to 4 attacks…so did an usg and got confirmed it was due to gallstone..surgeon suggested for gallbladder removal as the pain was unbearable and had to take painkiller as the duration of pain lasted for 5 to 6hrs..didnt want to opt for removal without giving a try to homeopathy..so came in contact with dr talwalkar ..and i was adviced to do liver cleanse which i completed it with ease and was on homeopills since February 2019..after 5days of homeopills just got one attack till date…and my digestion even was not good..but after being on homeopills i was relieved of the attack till date and my digestion is improved…thrice a week i go for IF…according to my convenience i go for raw diet till afternoon..avoided non veg..bakery products..refined sugar..