Holistic Healing : Re-Align and Restore

Mrs YK

I was struggling with secondary infertility and had met many doctors for the same, investigations showed that the tubes were partially blocked and doctors told me that this was the issue that I was facing, I was taking my daughter for asthma treatment to Dr Talwalkar so I happens to ask him if he could help and after a complete history (which took about an hour) he suggested that I follow certain life style changes and homoeopathy and it would help.
We began with giving up bakery, refined sugar and non veg food. Dr Abhay gave me some homoeopathic medicine to strengthen the uterus and clear the blockage. We also added yoga, which I did under the guidance of a teacher. In the second month Dr Talwalkar added specific medicines for conception I followed this regimen for 4 months and then I missed my periods, the urine test revealed that I was pregnant, I was so happy, I continued the regular care with a gynaecologist and under the supervision of Dr Talwalkar for 9 months and delivered a baby boy on 10th of jan 2019.
I am thankful to homoeopathy and lifestyle changes. I could achieve this dream- Mrs YK – Maharashtra