Holistic Healing : Re-Align and Restore

OCD child

I recollect the tough phase my daughter went through, at a mere age of 15. She had severe Learning Difficulties and coping academically was never easy for her nor for us. Inspite of a lot of support from her school and also from the home front, things were not going the right way.

She suffered from huge anxiety issues, inferiority complex and low self esteem. Her sleep was very disturbed and she would wake up several times in the night crying. The most disturbing part was the OCD that made her life very difficult. There was a time when she would wash her hands 60 to 80 times a day and would still be restless and irritable that her hands were unclean. She was engulfed by depression and it was absolutely heart wrenching to see her in this condition.

That’s the time when I read about Dr Talwalkar on Luke’s FB Sangha and we decided to consult him. My daughter was such an introvert that she would never talk about her feelings to anyone. But Dr Talwalkar worked really hard to make her comfortable during all his sessions with her. This was a start of a positive journey. His medicines worked like magic and within a month’s time itself, we saw a tremendous change in her. Her OCD reduced drastically and she started sleeping through the night. This milestone itself was a big relief to us as a family. The progress continued and there was no looking back since then. Within 6 months time, she appeared for her boards. There was a time, when even her passing was doubtful, but because of Dr Talwalkar’s medicines and his counselling, she excelled in her exams.

She has now blossomed into a sweet, confident child who is prepared to face the world with a positive attitude. Our sincere heartfelt gratitude to Dr Talwalkar for the miraculous transformation in her.